Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Job Stress?

Today, someone asked me if my job was stressful. I was taken aback by the question since I don't usually think about myself, my life, as stressful; don't know if that's a good thing or not; or maybe it's neither. This woman went on to tell me that she hated her job (13 years in her profession) and found it difficult to continue in her chosen profession because of job stress.

I asked her if she had ever liked her job? She thought about it for a minute and admitted that she had been disappointed with her chosen profession. She thought she was poorly paid and was not given the support she thought she deserved. Clearly, these issues can create stress in your life, however, it seems the real issue is job/career dissatisfaction. What do you think?

Are you satisfied with your chosen profession? Do you confuse job stress with job dissatisfaction? If you aren't satisfied with your job, what are you planning to do about it?